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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2013 Daily Virgo Horoscope

2013 Daily Virgo Horoscope:

December should bring warm energy on the home front, dear Virgo, and a lively love life. The trick to handling the month well will be to find a balance between work and family, as both demand a lot of attention from you. The first two weeks of December are strong for communications of all kinds. Get in touch with people, express yourself, and work on communications projects. Favorable energy is with you for positive reception of your ideas. Mid-month, good energy is with you for a new beginning with a family member, particularly if there have been some resentments or difficult emotions brewing. The timing is perfect for holiday celebrations with family to run more smoothly. It's also a fine time to begin working on financial matters that you may have been neglecting. A new budget or support plan can figure strongly now. Some of you could receive a special bonus or a loan could come through. Mars moving through fellow Earth sign, Capricorn, most of the month is great for personal energy levels and for pursuing your heart's desire. However, there can be times when your romantic life, or relationships with children, can be over-stimulating. The last week of December is excellent for your social life.